Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy!

043 - Copy

I didn’t think I would do this challenge, but then I remembered the pics I had on my camera of this masterful web outside my back door.  Well, it is no more, but it was.

I don’t know if I can really call it masterful because it is not the beautiful concentric designs of other spiders. Hubby said it had to be a black widow, but I wasn’t sure because they typically put their sticky webs close to the ground; but this web is (was) ground to patio cover, with just as much hither and yon tangle sideways between the barbecue grill and door opening.  An ADHD spidy job if ever there was one.

050 - Copy

I took pictures of the web, but no spider was in sight. Later that night I went out to see if anyone was home, and there she was–a big, honkin’ mama black widow! Sorry, I love most living things, but I grabbed the broom and squished her against the grill in one wild and panicked sweep! She had constructed quite a web in only a few days, but I swept it down before the adrenaline left.

Hmm, I wondered if there was a reason why her web seemed to encase the grill side. I carefully opened it, and . . . we have babies!  That is my job today, to dispose of the nursery! Definitely CREEPY! But then again, see the little heart in the middle.  If it was a message, I missed it.

046 - Copy

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