War and Peace

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12 thoughts on “War and Peace

  1. We’re seeing a lot of this ourselves nowadays. One day I saw five hummers outside vying for a spot at our feeder — or rather two actually hoping to land and three simply chasing each other around and/or away. The teeny-boppers are so cute!

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    1. It is so fun to watch, but I do wonder why they don’t seriously hurt each other. They hit quite hard! Our bossy guy at the front feeder is so territorial that I fill that feeder much less often. He seldom lets anyone else drink.


      1. Did I ever tell you the incident described by a bird-loving columnist? She was visiting with her neighbor one day about hummers and her neighbor talked of how one domineering male chased all the others from the feeder.
        “Yeah, sometimes they can be that way,” said the columnist.
        “This one was really, really bad,” said the neighbor.
        “You might have to put up another feeder some distance away.”
        “I shot him.”

        The columnist was SO stunned. First because the neighbor actually went that far (which is against the law, she reminded us readers.) And secondly she was amazed that anyone could actually hit a hummingbird.


  2. In answer to your thought: “How horrible. How could anyone do that!”
    So it is with mankind. We try to fix the problems we perceive in nature and we end up messing things up even more with out drastic solutions. (Like the guys who thought Canada was deficient in sparrows & starlings. 🙂 )

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