42 and Counting . . .

K&L wed

This year is our 42nd anniversary, but I thought I would re-post the poem I wrote for our 40th.

40 Years of I Do’s

He said will you, and I said I will;

we said I do, and we did

for years.

We said I do through the death of a child and a motorcycle wreck;

through a son’s car crash and a son’s heart crash;

through disappointments and unmet expectations,

and surpassed pleasures,

through lots of tears—from both laughter and pain.

I forgive, I love, I do.

We said I do through losses,

job changes, friend changes, geography changes, and physical changes,

baby boys and grandbaby joys;

and the years piled higher, one on another, as the I do’s piled higher still.

Our hair is thinner—mine more than his.

Our waists are thicker—mine more than his.

But for all the time gone by in a breath,

we said I do,

and we have said it for 40 years.