Back Up Kodak

100_1902 - Copy

Aside from raising my older Kodak’s LED screen to my face multiple times (hmm, no view finder), my back up point and shoot caught a few fun pics on our trip. My Canon is off to the doc.

100_1901 - Copy

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Health Tip

Sweet potatoes are probably one if the healthiest foods you can eat–that is unless you filet your thumb while trying to make fries with them.

No picture to follow.

42 and Counting . . .

K&L wed

This year is our 42nd anniversary, but I thought I would re-post the poem I wrote for our 40th.

40 Years of I Do’s

He said will you, and I said I will;

we said I do, and we did

for years.

We said I do through the death of a child and a motorcycle wreck;

through a son’s car crash and a son’s heart crash;

through disappointments and unmet expectations,

and surpassed pleasures,

through lots of tears—from both laughter and pain.

I forgive, I love, I do.

We said I do through losses,

job changes, friend changes, geography changes, and physical changes,

baby boys and grandbaby joys;

and the years piled higher, one on another, as the I do’s piled higher still.

Our hair is thinner—mine more than his.

Our waists are thicker—mine more than his.

But for all the time gone by in a breath,

we said I do,

and we have said it for 40 years.