Cloudy with a Chance of Rain

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18 thoughts on “Cloudy with a Chance of Rain

  1. Kay

    There’s nothing more beautiful than a sky full of clouds. A blue sky is, well, just shades of blue. But clouds can be a myriad of swirling colors and shapes, never the same, and hence, so much more indicative of God’s amazing creativity. I’ll never tire of looking up to heaven.

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      1. The pictures friends on the other side of the valley are horrendous–cars buried in mudslides, rivers where once was flat land, cars and trucks strewn over the road from flash floods. Yowzers. It just started to rain again.


      1. The granddaughter of one of our worship team singers was in it. When it is raining so hard, you are looking ahead to try and drive safely. You are never ready for a flood of water, mud and debris that sweeps in from the side. Their car was totaled, smushed between a semi, a half ton, and other cars. Crazy scary!


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