The day my Canon died . . . :(

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We had taken a couple of days off to go up the coast for rest and relaxation. I was having fun shooting so many birds, seals, and otters at this one pier, when STOP, I got the blue screen of death–actually, a black screen of death that said Error 20. My baby is sick, and I hope Canon can fix it. Sigh.

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15 thoughts on “The day my Canon died . . . :(

      1. I shoot Nikon and there are repair shops where I live or I can send it Nikon. Go to your camera shop and get advice or call Canon and get advice. Hoping things work out. Major brands can usually refurbish a camera.

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    1. I hope so too. Wouldn’t you know that it would die on a nice picture-taking jaunt. I’m glad I brought my Kodak point and shoot along as a back-up. I almost didn’t. But it is not allow me flexibility with altering conditions, but it still is a little trooper.

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