In Black and Light

141 - Copy

A candle to push back the darkness, but the tricky thing is

that as light comes it burns,

burns the imperfections away–ashes left behind.

Can I not have the illumination without the pain?

The process?

If I could have light without burning,

I would,

I could, but

fire doesn’t work that way.

To my mind


to my black heart


Light of the world, come.

071 - Copy



6 thoughts on “In Black and Light

    1. I love candles, but I don’t get to have many because typically I am allergic to the fragrances. My youngest son’s girlfriend made this out of soy wax flakes and essential oils–and a cotton wick! Perfect. Plus I love teacups. It is a precious gift.


  1. It’s an extraordinarily lovely photo–but I was really struck by your words. What a perfect analogy. Don’t we all wish we could have the light without the burning.
    I really love your writing.
    Let me know when your book is published. πŸ™‚

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