Dead Trees, Thorns, Elections, and Me


There is an abbey up in the hills where I like to go to think, to photograph, and to seek moments of peace. A few weeks ago, I happened to go on a Sunday morning, and since there were masses scheduled, parking was limited; and I had to park quite a distance away from the reflecting pond. I did notice, however, as I was leaving there was an old, funky, dead tree across the field near where I had parked the car, and I determined the next time I came I would get closer and photograph it.

That next time was this week. After communing with the ducks and turtles and photographing the fall leaves and reflections in the water, I drove down to the edge of the field, grabbed my camera and headed across. The field was mostly sandy with tufts of weeds, but what kept me wary were the many holes I saw. I assumed they were gopher holes, but one can never tell. Up in the hills, we have Mojave green rattlesnakes, so I scanned the ground carefully as I walked so as not to be surprised by a very deadly snake.

I was barefoot in my Crocs, which was probably not the best choice for protective footwear, but I live in them because it is the next best thing to going totally barefoot! I started feeling little pinches and assumed some stickers were coming in through the holes as I walked, though I really didn’t see any thistles or thorns on the ground. I stopped by a small, flat rock and took one foot out and set it down there to rid my Croc of whatever had invaded. When I lifted my shoe up, I was horrified to see the whole bottom surface carpeted in goathead thorns. These are nasty, piercing, painful things! At my age, balance is not as sure a thing as when I was young; and realizing that I could not risk stepping down on the ground barefoot, I carefully emptied the shoe of the 2 bits of thorn and cautiously put my foot back inside.

My dilemma then was not whether or not to keep going, but whether to forget the picture and head back to the car. Of course, I took the picture. I would have liked to go closer and get shots from different angles, but I am not entirely crazy!

As I turned to make the careful trek back, I was aware—painfully aware—that the hundred or so steps back were to be done with utmost care. Part of me wanted to panic and run, but the sensible part gingerly took one step at a time. I pressed my feet hard against the plastic, scrunching my toes tight together, trying to ignore the bits of thorns that progressively invaded as I tried not to scuff.

When I finally made it to the car, I sat in the driver’s seat with my feet out and removed the shoes. Both soles were completely covered with thorns. There was no way I was going to be able to dislodge them, so I carefully put my Crocs on the floor mat of the passenger side and drove home barefoot.

My husband tried to clean them up for me, but very quickly came to the realization that he was not going to be able to get every part of the thorns out; so, they are destined for the trash bin!

I kept thinking that there had to be some kind of allegory or moral in all of this. So here it is.

Even though we head toward what we think is a worthy goal, and even though we think we know what dangers exist and are on the lookout, there are myriad little things we don’t see that become just as great a threat to our health and safety. In this election cycle, people have had different goals, different candidates, different passions and causes, different behaviors or evidence they were willing to overlook for a greater cause, and they have pushed full steam ahead in their desired directions. I had hoped that once the election was settled and a winner declared, tempers would cool and folks would go back to their respective corners to continue on with a semblance of orderly life. However, the thorns that were picked up on the way were not the big and obvious obstacles that all factions were maneuvering through. What has attached itself to our underbellies are all the cruel words, the bitternesess, the ideological divides that make it impossible to agree to disagree.

What has attached itself to our souls is the tension of otherness—an otherness that is supported by the studies and anecdotes and inflammatory rhetoric that each group trusts. People are virtuous in their own narratives, supported by their selective documentation and cited diatribes. Folks are indeed going to their respective corners, but not to cool off and gain perspective of the greater goals—the greater good. Folks are in their corners throwing rocks and gearing up for full scale attack.

People have stopped listening to each other.

People have stopped caring about what is best for their neighbor, more intent on winning a political and/or an ideological battle. If it means undermining the Constitution or throwing communities into disarray or pitting person against person, it becomes more about winning than about what is good for the country. These are the nasty, piercing, painful things, and I wonder if the nation will survive them.

As for me, I am not a citizen and cannot vote; but character counts for me, so I would not have voted for either candidate. My ultimate kingdom is a spiritual one, so whether America goes Republican, Democrat, or Libertarian in the long run does not matter to me. Well, maybe a little.

And yet, I live here, and the stress and at times near panic has been unsettling.

But the thorns in my life that keep my eyes off forever things,

the thorns in my life that pinch and keep me from loving as Christ loves,

are the ones that can do damage to my soul, and those I am endeavoring to throw in the trash.


15 thoughts on “Dead Trees, Thorns, Elections, and Me

  1. I certainly feel sorry for the poor animals that try to cross this area; they must get their feet full of thorns, too. As for the election, I’m afraid you’ve nailed the sentiments too well. From what I can tell, the media seems determined to keep the rocks flying — and they are a powerful force.

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      1. We saw this when we lived in Quebec during the time of the Referendum. The English language news media tended to overlook voices of moderation and “Let’s just get along.” They rather headlined any radical anti-English statement made by the most insignificant francophone speaker in the province. Then we’d come home to Sask and our family would tell us, “Quebeckers say…” and “Quebeckers think…” and we’d grit our teeth at the manipulation of Western opinion. We got the impression the Press would cheerfully promote a civil war if it would make news.

        Now we see the US media making it clear they detest Trump, that electing him will lead to murder and mayhem. From now on I suspect every incident that points to what a wrong choice he was will be highlighted. Every voice protesting his comments and policies will be aired. I’m not for or against the man myself, but he does have my sympathy in that respect. It seems to be the lot of leaders in the free world.

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  2. Jolene McCreery

    Character matters to us, too, Lilly. And we didn’t just “settle” when we voted for Trump. The Left portrayed him as the worst human being on the planet; and yet an investigation into the sexual harassment claims (and others) has revealed that the Clinton campaign exaggerated and/or lied about nearly everything. That finding, along with Trump’s strong Christian running mate and their pro-Christian/conservative stance as opposed to Hillary’s plans to subject America to her globalist, pro-abortion, pro-gay, anti-Israel/Christian agenda convinced us to vote for Trump. We also believed the 2011 word that prophesied his presidency. We consider Trump’s victory a MIRACLE FROM GOD because he overcame enormous opposition to become president. For us, it was a choice between good and evil. The two sides are wholly unequal with Democrats desiring to CONTROL every aspect of our lives and Republicans wanting to give the PEOPLE more control over their government. And BTW, liberals have not only stopped listening to us, they have tried to silence us at every turn….which explains why they were so shocked when Trump won!!! God clearly showed them that He “will not be mocked”! The Lord has blessed this nation from its founding, and we consider it one of His greatest gifts to us. So we will fight to preserve it from enemies to the glory of God.


      1. Jolene McCreery

        Well, I think you can agree with the Word that God ordains our leaders, whether to chastise or bless. I guess we could disagree about His MOTIVE for choosing Trump, but I would add that if great good comes from his presidency (and it already has), we can thank God for BLESSING us with this imperfect but timely person.


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