Furious Words

IMG_4211 - Copy

Words, words,

analysis, paralysis,

and the real needs of many

are displaced and replaced with swirling,

ever changing,

news coverage.

Money spent,

reputations rent,

as all of these Solomon moments,

as all of these vacuous comments

suck oxygen,

abandon needy.

Words, words,

agendas, careers,

all being built and / or destroyed

while bridges crumble and enemies rail–

imbecility, futility,

furious words.


8 thoughts on “Furious Words

      1. As I told another blogger, for me it’s like sitting on the back porch listening to the neighbours screaming at each other. They may have been married for ever so long, but the way they’re going at it now you’re sure they’re headed for the divorce court.

        My hopes that change would bring peace are slim until the zeitgeist of this age, which seems to be accusation, kvetch and roar, changes back to respect for all.

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