How to Spend More Than You Make

A p r o n h e a d -- Lilly Green

Being rich is highly overrated.  Not everyone wants to be a millionaire (Cue music!).  There are a lot of us who are quite content to barely get by and whine.  Wealth is too much responsibility; and personally, I chafe at the stifling confines of a budget.

Here are ten helpful hints to follow if you would like to join the two or three of us who would rather spend more money than we make.

  1. Always go grocery shopping when you are hungry, preferably with kids.  If your own kids are unavailable, or have perhaps grown up and left home, borrow the neighbor’s.
  2. Buy a treadmill (or any other high-ticket workout item) that you’ll never use.  It works well as a clothes tree; and eventually, if you’re lucky, you can sell it at a loss on Craig’s List.  If by any chance you get murdered by your Craig’s List contact, your…

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