Communication is a Contact Sport

A p r o n h e a d -- Lilly Green

You think you know me.

You know my name; you know my face, so you think you understand me,

and you say, “I hear what you’re saying.”

I say I’m cold;

you think I need a sweatshirt, but I feel indifferent.

I say run;

you think Dodgers, I think danger.

I say book;

you think Nook, while I think Cloud.

I say paper;

you think Times, and I think pages to fill.

I say fence;

you think walling in, I think walling out.

I say dog;

you think ugly girl, I think canine.

I say travel;

you think desert, I think Paris.

I say love;

you think sex, and I think Snickers.

I say like;

you think sex, while I think WordPress.

I say rich;

you think ten-year plan, I think fattening.

I say, “Do you hear what I’m saying,”

and you say, “Yeah, I hear you.”



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2 thoughts on “Communication is a Contact Sport

  1. As I’ve said before, I knew a couple that almost broke up because he said “We’ve been going together for a year and a half” and she said (to me), “Wh’s he talking about? I figured it out and we’ve only been going together for 18 months. Why is he lying to me?”

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