Mr. Septic Skeptic

A p r o n h e a d -- Lilly Green

I saw you on Youtube—

so cocksure,


and controlled.  (Notice my alliteration to stress the point!)

So sure, Mr. Skeptic, you seem to be–

but of course,with the absence of a fact checker to catch you up

in your rapid fire propaganda!

You pollute the airwaves (Or is it web waves?)

with your poisonous words,

your articulate particulates—breeding cancer for the soul, Mr. Septic Skeptic.

(Okay, I know the metaphors are a little strong.)

Your rehearsed rationale, your belittling barbs

are amazingly entertaining through your sardonic smile—

entertaining if you don’t stop to think

and just suck in all that


we are the world,

human solidarity,

evolutionary morality drivel,

well-framed comebacks and proud propositions,

hell-bent on disfiguring the face of the God you don’t believe in.

Crafty, your well-turned phrases and arrogant arguments.

Is this it then?

Not content with eating the fruit yourself, you must push it…

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