Psalm 61:1-3–Lilly’s Amplified

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Hear my cry, O God;

my cries wet with tears,

sometimes quiet, sometimes raging, but always desperate.

listen to my prayer.

Let not my feeble words fall on deaf ears;

let not my groanings fail to rise higher than my ceiling.  

From the ends of the earth I call to you,

wherever I am, and every situation,

in the light and in the dark.

I call as my heart grows faint;

as discouragement eats away at my resolve,

as pain thunders across my body and mind;

lead me to the rock

Jesus, Rescuer, Savior,

that is higher than I

stronger and wiser, eternal,

not tied to this fallen flesh. 

For you have been my refuge,

ever present, even when I didn’t know it,

a safe place to run to and hide from the night of soul,

a strong tower against the foe

against evils without and within,

hear my cry, oh, God.


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