Hello, out there in the blogsphere!

How are you all doing out there with this battling of the plague we are enduring? A city near me had the first young fatality for the county–so sad.

We are staying in as much as possible, except for photographing hummers in my back yard.

Hope you are all well. Stay safe.

9 thoughts on “Hello, out there in the blogsphere!

  1. Hello back at you. Here’s wishing for you folks, too, that you can stay safe.

    SK isn’t that heavily populated, a person per square mile sort of thing, and we’ve not had that many cases. Some folks have tested positive for the virus and there’ve been a few deaths, as there is every year with viruses. But authorities are careful and things have shut down here just like everywhere else. It’s like “SARS meets 9/11.”

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