Dear Deer

I am enjoying the deer in the neighborhood, but yesterday we had a reminder of how wildlife and civilization sometimes do not intersect safely. We were coming home from church, and right out front of Walmart on probably the busiest section of this small town, a doe darted out into traffic.

Where exactly she came from and why she was there, we don’t know. A car hit her and spun her body to the shoulder. This we could see in our rear mirrors. Her trajectory had been toward us if the other car had not hit her first. Makes me sad. Such a beautiful creature.

Today as we drove the lush green East Texas tree-lined roads, I found myself looking to the shadows, willing any and all deer to stay safely among that shelter.

6 thoughts on “Dear Deer

    1. Depends where you are in Texas. It’s a big country. 😉 East Texas really is lush and green, but dry West Texas seems to be more what we usually associate with “Texas”.

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  1. It’s horrible to see something like this, isn’t it? We enjoy the deer in our yard ever so much, especially just now the fawns, but once in a while we also have the sad sight of a fawn – sometimes an adult, too, of course – killed by the traffic. Two weeks ago we found a dead fawn at the curb. So sad! I took it to the back of our property where the vultures would take care of it. But I still can’t get that sad sight out of my mental eyes.

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