Blogspot sounds like a disease . . .

A p r o n h e a d -- Lilly Green

Blogspot sounds like a childhood disease, and WordPress sounds like it should produce some sort of gourmet espresso.  What is this fascination with blogging that turns academics and everyday housewives, factory workers and retired grandparents, to poets and essayists?  What intoxicating bit of technology is this that reawakens dreams in faltering souls—that even they may have something worthwhile to contribute to a wide world that is glutted with information, entertainment, and trivia? 

What if while walking in the mall a stranger came up to me, pressed a finger to my head and said, “Like,” followed by a few more random strangers and a few other slightly familiar faces.   What if others shared something personal about their lives that seemed to parallel mine, ending with a smiley face firmly planted on my back . . . pat, pat, pat!  I would call mall security! 

If in that same mall, I held…

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Just a thought . . .

You know that point in a film when the bad guy tells the trapped sucker that unless they do this thing–usually some horrible act of betrayal–the said bad guys will kill your mom, your wife, your kids, and maybe even your coffee barista?

Just a heads up if you are ever in that situation: from countless theatrical examples, once you complete the required act, you find out they have already killed your loved ones, and you are next! So just man (or woman) up and do the right thing!

I find myself screaming this at television screens! And yet . . .

You’re welcome.