When my husband suggested Apronhead as my music publishing name, I was not that taken with it.  It is, of course, an allusion to Suzanna Wesley, mother of the famous Wesley brothers, who found her quiet time under her apron, while some gazillion (maybe eleven) kids milled around, well . . . doing kid things.

My name choice was Homegrown, which sadly has some “medicinal” connotations.  So Apronhead did kind of grow on me after a while, because in this crazy, noisy world with so much stimuli and so many voices commanding attention, it becomes a survival necessity to find an apron somewhere under which a person can recharge, be inspired, and pray.

Reading, writing, composing, and singing become a part of that apron.  It is not just about an audience, though there is value and fun in that; it is about reaching out, sharing a gift, rubbing shoulders with like-minded souls who affirm my ah-ha moments.

Random things:

  • Canadian, but they still hound me for jury duty so they can reject me.
  • Discography (read that vinyl, not CDs):  Lilly (Destiny Records), Especially for You, and I Am Blessed (Myrrh / Word)
  • Check out Lilly Green Music on FB
  • Spend that 99 cents and download “Very God of Very God” from i-tunes or Amazon!!!!  I can’t get my family to do it, so I’m relying on perfect and not-so perfect strangers.
  • Homeschooled my kids and survived–even grew smarter.
  • Love clouds, trees, mountains, and all manner of water.
  • Think blue skies day after day are boring
  • Health food nut and avid juicer (read that: not performance-enhancing kind, but rather the fruit and vegie kind)
  • Grind my own grain and bake my own bread (am not Amish)
  • Sold on organics and sustainable farming (Say NO to giant agribusiness!)
  • Love to photograph:  I see the my world framed in pictures with or without my camera.
  • Singer, composer, worshiper, quilter, armchair theologian, poet, and sometime complainer
  • My art is taking a back seat to have-to’s      –>ah, that making a living jazz!
  • Pacifist unless you come for mine 🙂

For more writings, follow my other blog at http://everythingchangesinthelight.blogspot.com/

. . . and my previous wordpress blog:



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