Daily Prompt: Ten

T wo U.S. candidates plus rancor bipartisanship

E quals bitterness, chaos, and mind

N umbing diatribes. Chill everyone. Take five . . . no, take ten!


Social Issue–Shrimp and Slavery

Before indulging in your next shrimp-fest, you might want to give a listen and find out who is providing that fare to your table or local restaurant.

Besides the health risks of eating a creature whose function is to clean the crud out of water, and besides any problem folks might have with eating creatures period, there is the slave labor issue.

We must not let our appetites be satisfied with any product that is produced at the expense of a child’s and/or adult’s enslavement.


Rain, Rain!

The following is a link to the swimming pool that the 5 Freeway in LA became with this last rain storm. Who says it never rains in California!



Cloudy with a Chance of Disaster

Not all our rain has been beneficial. There have been mudslides and flooding–a lot of damage. We were all thankful that there had been no serious injury or death–till today. A vehicle was found under 6 feet of mud closer in town with a person dead inside. So sad. (These are not my pictures. Others posted them on FB and in news outlets.)