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I collect scarves for the kids to play with when they come. It is amazing all the creative ideas that are generated by bits of cloth.

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Furious Words

A p r o n h e a d -- Lilly

Words, words,

analysis, paralysis,

and the real needs of many

are displaced and replaced with swirling,

ever changing,

news coverage.

Money spent,

reputations rent,

as all of these Solomon moments,

as all of these vacuous comments

suck oxygen,

abandon needy.

Words, words,

agendas, careers,

all being built and / or destroyed

while bridges crumble and enemies rail–

imbecility, futility,

furious words.

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Puppies, Babies, and Bubbles

A p r o n h e a d -- Lilly

We slide past each other with nary a glance–

okay, maybe an obligatory smile,

artificial, fixed,

pleasant, but not too pleasant.

We, the lonely, dare not touch those others–those unknowns–

because what if they were axe murderers, terrorists, or Amway salespeople.

But on a beach, on a sunny day,

walking along in our unsuspecting cosmic aloneness,

a man with 2 sticks, a string, and a bucket of suds

sends rainbow bubbles cascading in and around and over and yon;

and in a magical moment, strangers are united in their bubbling joy.

This moment is a miracle of sorts–the same miracle that unites strangers over cooing babies and cuddly puppies.

Maybe we should send bubble men to the Middle East.

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Next Time

A p r o n h e a d -- Lilly

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Next time,

I will rest walk.

I will not flit from flower to flower like a butterfly,

capturing this and that in my digital memory.

As fun as that is, next time,

I will think walk.

I will not adrenalin-rush the next tooth and claw scene,

trying not to miss, trying not to blink.

Next time,

I will pray walk,

absorbing the wonder, wondering at the wandering soul I am,

loving the undeserved gift for itself in just this moment.

Next time.

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A Tree Rant


100_0428 - CopyIt should be a law:

     No cutting of trees, please.

     No desecration of life-green foliage and climbing limb.

     No mauling of shade-makers and wind-shakers.

     No abuse of fruit-bearers and dream-catchers.

There should be a law:

     No buzzing.

     No chopping and chipping.

     No axing of sap-runners and dirt-catchers.

Soil-gripper, life-framer.

Back-leaner, air-cleaner.

A hider of seekers,

Guardian, sentinel, standing at attention.

I am not a tree hugger per se, but there is a certain sadness to see

oxygen-givers and long-livers

hacked down for who knows what.

Plant a tree, not a parking lot!


(Upon the “murder” of two beautiful trees!) 

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