Tofu Scramble, Y’all


This dish is a tasty, animal free option for breakfast and can also be used for any other meal or a snack. I keep some in the fridge at the ready to be heated up as a main dish, a side dish, stuffed in a burrito, in a lettuce wrap, or mixed with a little hummus or vegan mayo for an eggless sandwich.

I am making granola at the same time, so given the weirdness of our oven, I turn on the burner first; otherwise, with the oven on, it won’t light. Yeah, I know.

Sauté diced portabello mushrooms, onion, and sliced small sweet peppers. I use a ceramic pan and there is no sticking, but if your pan sticks, add a bit of water or vegie broth. No oil.


After the onions are more translucent, crush garlic into the mix. Notice there are no specific ingredients. Add as much or as little according to your tastes.


This is 2 pounds of firm tofu after being squeezed of most of its liquid. Below is my fancy press–2 ten-pound free weights in Ziploc bags. 🙂 My hubby did not use them anymore, and they work like a charm! 🙂

Stir granola!!!


Crumble the tofu into the pan and mix in.


I add the following: smoked paprika, cumin, black salt (eggy taste), turmeric, Frank’s Hot Sauce, and Bragg’s Amino Acids.  Stir to incorporate flavors and dry any extra liquid. Then eat!! Yum!


And yes, the granola finished, too.