Daily Prompt: Overwhelmed

O kay, I can’t live like this–all this tweeting, and FBing, and

V blogging, as if I need to know

E very single inconsequential thing about your daily

R ituals, what you’re selling, what you’re pushing.

W hat I need is quiet–physical and mental–a

H iatus from personal and political rants and

E nd-of-the-world diatribes. If the world is

L ost, then let me at the very least live

M y last brief moments

E njoying the illusion that people really

D o love and respect each other–at least now and then.


Daily Prompt: Devastation


D oom and gloom, sometimes of our own doing;

E ven if not, we can choose how

V aliantly or cowardly we respond.

A cceptance does not mean

S urrender.

T olerance does not mean

A ll points of view are true. But

T o live, thrive, and love

I n this crazy, reeling world is to

O nly and in all things hope,

N ot giving destruction and despair a soul-hold.


Christmas Gift

 100_2065 - Copy

arried for nine months and birthed far from

eaven’s hallelujahs into Israel’s

ough fringes—a Bethlehem town,

ncarnation, God come to be one of us—a

ingular identification with

he lost and the loved: It was a lowly

inistry to a dying

damic race, desperate to

ave, destined to


ive hope where there was none, exchanging glory for the

solation and humiliation of life with the

allen, and we reach out from our disgrace

o receive Heaven’s gift.