Weekly Photo Challenge: I’d Rather Be . . .

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. . . photographing!

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My Meta Metaphor

A p r o n h e a d -- Lilly

Well, now,

I have filled all your feeders, and I’ve cleaned up your messes.

I’ve protected you from rats, cats, and this and thats!

You pleasure me as I view from my prized place, my all-seeing window, but . . .

the question would arise:

Why do you scatter when I open my door to you,

open my life to you, fill your spaces with warm words full of love and provision?

Why must I view through a double-pane?  A double pain?

If I go out, you wait in the trees, holding aloof, half ignoring, wary,

willing to eat but not to come close,

willing to drink but not while I’m present—too much of me there, I suppose.

. . . I’m sorry, Lord, did You say something?

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