I Came for Tea

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I came for tea,

me, such a fine fellow as I am.

But you served no tea,

to me, nor fixin’s therewithal, so


me, I left in a huff!

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Ah, Life is Poetry . . .

A p r o n h e a d -- Lilly

(This picture has absolutely nothing to do with the following verse!  It was zoomed from the parking lot at Costco, proving that Kirkland brands even have control of the weather!)

I love blank verse,

though saying something is probably preferred.

I have a passion for free verse,

but getting paid,

so much the better.

And since we’re talking about poetry:

Diamantés are a girl’s best friend.

(Another totally unrelated photograph below.  Of course, if you do find a connection, you could probably teach college English!)


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I found where the wild things are . . .

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Some days . . .

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Some days are just like that!

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On the 9th day of sickness . . .


♫ ♬♫ ♬ On the 9th day of sickness, my true love gave to me

fresh squeezed fruit juice

One thing of cough med

slippers for my footies

another hour to sleep in

…………………………the heat turned up one degreeeeeee!!

more blankets on

more essential oils

another round of juice,

and a binge fest of LOST just for me!  ♫ ♬♫ ♬


Weekly Photo Challenge: Cheeky

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The pachyderm version . . .


Ever feel stretched to the limit?

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Flamingo Flamenco

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How to Watch an Eclipse

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