My Lilac Story

Years ago, when we were waiting for our new house to close, we lived in a small apartment. Just down the road, there was a house surrounded literally by lilac bushes. These walls of flowers stood over 8 feet tall and smelled luscious. Having grown up with lilacs, I had a bit of a nostalgic fit and went to the door to ask if perhaps I could buy a bouquet from he and his wife.

The older gentleman gave me that bouquet for free and told me when we moved into our home to come back and he would give me some shoots to plant. And that I did.

I had a huge lilac forest for years, luscious to smell and a butterfly magnet. The only drawback to lilacs is that they bloom for such a short time, but I enjoyed them for over 30 years.

When we moved, that was one thing I was sincerely going to miss. Governor Newson, not so much. Earthquakes, not at all.

I am glad I got as many pictures as I did, and one day when I can brave the TX spring bug onslaught, I may try and plant some here.