Orchid Patience

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You need a lot of patience to grow orchids. You care for them day after day, week after week with no apparent pay off. But when the blooms come again, it is a sigh and a smile.

My cattleya orchid had blooms when I got it, but it has been almost 2 years since that purchase. It is finally blooming again! Yay! It is the type with blooms that do not last a long time, but I am relishing the beauty of the moment.

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There is a trust . . .

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There is in trust a writing between the lines.
I trust you, but that trust expects an outcome acceptable to me. My blank slate of surrender has a lot of smudges around the edges—things like “Don’t make it hurt,” “Let all end well,” “Let love be stronger than hate.”
There is in trust a whining between the lines
that holds hands unclenched, but my heart is hidden behind my back with fingers crossed.
Is there a kind of trust without the small print—Yours and mine. A trust that knows I and my loved ones and my cares are in the arms of Someone not only able but willing to do what is good—
no matter what that looks like.
There is a trust, and I am learning and yearning for it.