A Moment’s Yes

A p r o n h e a d -- Lilly


slivers of light, blossoming blue-green and lavender

in rippling paths,

a wet veil of wonder, and I wander

in this place

in awe of what is seen–ever aware of the greater unseen.

Can I still stare at the miracles even if I don’t understand?

Can I still sigh glory even when I know reflection covers hidden darkness?

In this moment, I breathe many yeses,

and in this moment, it is enough.

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But a Reflection


A reflection, broken, ever changing: We live here bound to the deep, layers upon layers,
sometimes muted, sometimes shimmering,
so real, so seemingly solid.
But reflection will not bear the weight.
Its wonder is what it mirrors—the real, the solid, the lasting.
Look up!

Weekly Photo Challenge: One Pond–Myriad Variations

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Reflections of Winter

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I found where the wild things are . . .

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Some days . . .

IMG_1505 - Copy

Some days are just like that!

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Under the Street Photography

DSC_0076 - Copy

Because it technically isn’t street photography, I am calling it under the street. When capturing pond reflections and innocent bystanders walk along the border of the pond, their images become an impressionistic part of my watercolor art. 🙂

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Upon Reflection . . .

DSC_0337 - Copy

One of my favorite places to go changes with the season–what  is above and below. It gives a time of inner reflection while blessing me with impressionistic water reflections, as well.

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Keep Looking Down–Reflections

IMG_0551 - Copy

I love the reflections in this pond, but the fall colors make it even more fun! Monsters abound. 🙂

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