Under the Street Photography

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Because it technically isn’t street photography, I am calling it under the street. When capturing pond reflections and innocent bystanders walk along the border of the pond, their images become an impressionistic part of my watercolor art. 🙂

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Oh, wait . . .


I love to listen to those who agree with me;

I hate those who are oppositional. Oh, wait . . .

I need to listen to those who are oppositional so I can hone my arguments—

enough to win the debate. Oh, wait . . .

Winning is not all I am called to as a believer


how do I hold to a position and defend a position without being arrogant,

without appearing holier than thou,

with being open to learning a new point of view?

I love to be right.

I hate to be wrong.


how will I ever grow and know unless I listen.

Oh, wait . . .


My Book of Uncommon Prayers: Pulpit


May my life be my pulpit.

If ever my words outweigh my actions,

if ever my professions overshadow my deeds, I will have given up abundant life for at the very least shallow, vain repetitions,

and at the worst, dead religion.

May my faith-life seek not to coerce others by God-words but convince others by Your God-love working in and through me.

This is my broken prayer.